Friday, 3 January 2014

Carry burden of world

In the morning I was jogging in the park where I saw a friend sitting on the ground alone and doing nothing.

He used to be an emotional person taking an aspect of life very heartily and thinking about it deeply...

So, we had a chat and whenever I tried to ask anything personal about him, he would direct it towards the problems the world is facing these days like cruelty, brutalization, corruption etc...

When I saw nothing was working, I stopped talking and automatically after sometime he started explaining his problem.

This shows how we relate our problems with that of the others.

As psychologists may say he was just trying to project his inner feelings; that is right but are our problems somuch serious that they become equivalent to the worldly?

Or we just take them too seriously.

Like carrying the burden of the whole world.

I have started liking the phrase,

I am stupid so I don't worry.

Mindfull with Silence

Mindfullness is the most common term when it comes to spirituality and meditation.

What is its base?

The Great Buddha was the devine soul whom developed this type of meditation technique.

Mindfullness means that the consciousness be full of the one which is being concentrated upon.


  • Sit in a meditation posture, any.
  • Close your eyes.
Now, beyond this many ways are told by different people connected with the Buddhist philosophy.

Now, since the first resitance which came was the conscious barrier which interprets  to what you are doing.

Various ways were devised like,

  • All concentration on the hand movements while standing in a posture.
  • Walking meditaion.
  • Sound meditation.
  • Word meditation....etc.
All these activities were to bypass the barrier of consciousness.

So, what was the basic phenomenon  going on during all these maneuvers.

Basically, happens is these maneuvers fill all the consciousness ( awareness ) so that nothing else goes on in mind.
this means mindfullness.

And when the next phase comes, that is cessation of these maneuvers happens when the silence fills up the whole consciousness.
That means in meditation .

Sunday, 29 December 2013


You know but you don't,

this can be the most suitable phrase when I try to think of my mind.

Our most common characteristic is, whenever I hear of a thing ( worldly), I try to visualize it in some way that I can express it in words, or ask about it, like a name is needed to start talking about a thing.

So, what is mind?

Each person will be having his view, inspite of greater many books and theories in this world.

Trust me noone can accept those.

So, lets try to explore it.

To present my views, and what I have felt these years about it, you may see it here.

Mind can only be read when silent.

Happy new year.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Pain is essential....

A person was so much absorbed in completing a job and wanted a big position in return for that hardwork.

He did everything; kept all his stake on line.....

At last he didn't  got what he wished...

He asks what have I not done ,,,,oh god.  this is the most common line for a person.


But we should know certain things,

- If a child asks his father for something big, the father always sees it in the broader perspective first,,,,

- There is nothing spiritual in it, but it is all finally related upto the functioning of the world.

So, we are not here to get something or anything in this world, as it is considered mostly a sin in many religions for asking perks from god.

Moreover, if one is not asking for anything from god and just giving his full hardwork, why would he be worried if he doesn't gets what he wants.

He should be satisfied that whatever has happened, has happened for the greater good.


So, he got pain.

What then happened was he got more silent internally.

He realised that actually he was given the opportunity  by the god to perform the action he was willing to perform for the past many years, but was taken away by the ease of other jobs.

Actually he was provided the best conditions to do the act.

what was his act; he always thought of meditating with full pain so that he may gain realization of the actual.

that was his dream.which he had forgotten.

Result is we don't  know what is most important to us and to our inner self, god knows.

Friday, 16 March 2012

A Beautiful Book About Spirituality

On the occasion of 1000 page views of my blog, I am writing this post about a book I recently found surfing on the internet and after reading it.

You may find this book here.

Settling Back Into the Moment By Joseph Goldstein.

This book is actually produced by selecting verses from the original book THE EXPERIENCE OF INSIGHT by Joseph Goldstein.

While reading this book, it gives us a beautiful feel of the topic being discussed.

From the very basics, most commonly neglected, but can be easily understood.

Felt like few stanzas from my own experiences. Few lines I am Quoting so as to draw the attention of my readers towards the book; they may find the complete verses from the book from the site for FREE.

  • If concentration is developed, it becomes less difficult to stay in the moment ( moment of complete peace).
  • Learn to let go; the lighter our mind becomes, cultivating instead a choice less and non-interfering awareness.
  • Unless we make the effort to persevere, nothing happens.
  • Moment to moment freeing the mind from defilement's. 
  • There is nothing to hold onto, nothing to grasp at, because it is all changing in the moment.
  • Sit with a relaxed and calm mind, observing the flow of sensations, without aversion, without expectation.
  • It takes courage to face and confront the basic and inherent security of this mind-body process; To confront the fact that in every instant what we are is continually dissolving, vanishing; that there is no place to take a stand at all.
  • Silence is an energy giver. It creates a clarity in which all the aspects of the mind are clearly seen.
  • Making effort, rousing energy and creating solitude around ourselves will intensify the practice.
  • Though the practice of mindfulness of not clinging, not condemning, not identifying with anything, the mind becomes lighter and freer.
Do share your reading experiences :)