Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Don’t Throw Yourself At The Mercy Of Everyone

Why it matters that someone thinks I am bad or ugly (any bad things).

Whatever is going within me, even I cannot tell or express it clearly with words; and then how does someone dare to say that I played my part wrongly ( if I am a good intention person).


It is a natural tendency that first I start liking or disliking someone at the very first site.

Then I start building the layer of trust towards him.

Then I appreciate his good comments about me.

And then, I unknowingly throw myself in his hands for JUDGING ME.

This thing is of great help when it is done constructively. I mean to say that if his comments are helping me gain the momentum, or make me understand the problem.

Sometimes HIS COMMENTS are gathered around only to irritate me and depress my confidence level.



What basically has happened is that I unknowingly have made him judge my capabilities on the basis of trust and goodness generated in me because of our relationship.

But I don’t know that HE COULD BE AN EVIL, OR A PSYCHO, well versed with the understandings of workings of mind.

So, he can MANIPULATE me.

Think about it