Saturday, 18 February 2012

Importance Of Navel

Why something starts happening in my belly when I hear news which makes me very happy; so much that something in me wants to burst out.

Why something starts happening in my belly when I am feared the most at times.

Why emotions bring changes in my belly the most?

So, what could be the mechanism happening?


Navel is an impression on the belly, also called the belly button. Navel is the place where the umbilical cord of a baby is attached till birth. In other words, the baby derives his nutrition from mother via umbilical cord attached to his navel till it is cut at the time of birth. So, there could be certain pathways remaining at the area even after birth, which may have importance!

Secondly, a nerve organ called celiac plexus (solar plexus) lies immediately below the stomach and is considered a source of energy for the body.


Osho has given a great importance to the navel in search of peace and spirituality. He speaks of meditation as a journey involving brain, heart and then navel being the main centers to work on.


Solar plexus chakra or the MANIPURA CHAKRA is another term which comes into mind when KUNDALINI concept is dealt in the hindu scriptures.


Now, it is up to us to see it, understand its importance and using it to help ourselves control our emotions and the energies.